Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dressing pearls on little girls
Lacing their bodies with mother’s
hand me downs
Accenting them with your
"Tender love and care"
Will never turn them into women
Neither will taking their virginity
But she was your greatest victory
As you would rape her viciously
Then leave her for dead…on the inside
Soon her world was shaped
Through eyes that cry
Eyes that lie
Slight shivers as you walk by
She sees you for the beast that you are
To everyone else, you’re just Uncle Joe
Friend of the family but to her, a constant woe
The light of the sun was her only redemption
But when the day transcended
There was no mercy found in Moon’s glow
Just speckled lights of prayers unanswered
No Savior to save her tonight
No relief for her in sight
So again, she felt alone
The shame kept her silent
Along with your taunts and threats
This reality keeps her violent
And no matter how hard she tries
Drenching herself in Holy oil
Pleading to God with a desperate “why”
She could never release the stench of you
Even if she took her life
You who stepped right on in
When daddy wasn’t there
Devoured her whole
Then left her bare
A wolf in sheep's garments
Using her insecurities as your playground
Rocking her like a teeter totter
Volatile when she resisted
When you were gone, her body missed it
Her walls are always tallking
Can you hear it?
She is just a little girl
You are a shell of a man
Who knew this life all too well
In adolescence
You share in your victim’s despair
But one day
You made peace with this hell
This life is a norm like breathing air
And still a woman she will never be

BNM © 2012

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sorry for the wait you all, I'm back!!!!

Hello again to all of you out there!

For all who don't know who I am, I'm Brit and this is my poetry blog. I have been so neglectful over the past couple of years, but that all ends today! By the end of the day, I should have posted up well over 20 new pieces and will soon start incorporating the writings of those I hold dear to my heart once a week as a showcase! Again, thank you for all of your support, find me on fb: Brit Nicole, on twitter: amBRITious_Girl, and on instagram: ambritious_girl...thanks!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ode to a Broken Record...

I'm too dark
To be blushing
Like this
You started it
When you decided
To take the plunge
And explore
My cheeks are forming
Into the likeness
Of the rose
You sent me
The other day
Just you're way
Of saying "hey"
I notice
The smile
You wear
As you watch me
The tidal wave
Inside is rising
To your
Steady rhythm
Every bit of me
Is reaching
Full epitome
As you hit
Those spots...
Tis true
My reaction
Is norming
Taking me back
To the "us"
That used to be
At this point
The heat between us
Is causing an inferno
And the uprising
Is segwaying
The uproar
How your body
Used to be my
Old stomping grounds
Back then we were
So young
Passing off lust
For being in love
Look at us
Trying to
Rekindle an old flame
That has died
And gone onto hell
Look at us
We must be shameful
We do this every time
Must be the way
That old dog
Always could catch
A kitty
Make her purr
Could never
Keep her
And when
That day comes
That some
Fiesty feline
Should finally
Give in
To curiosity
And look to
Satisfy herself
In your love
I want to meet her
We both know
Baby she sho ain't me

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Write

Deeper, deeper
I need you
I feel you
Deeper, deeper
Endless possibilities
A private party
You and me
You touch me
In an instant
I grow weaker
I want this…
Let’s make
Good love
When we make
Good music
Accompanied by an
Overpowering resonance
Cathedral setting
To illuminate
That feeling of
Heaven sent
That is exactly
Where we went
It’s what I want
From you
For us
Let’s go again…
I went melisma
In staccato
You went in deeper
I hit vibrato
My somber cry
Climaxed legato
And graciously
My body became
An unchained melody
To your
Untamed memory
As we come to a close
I’m feeling like
An incomplete cadence…
Lace me
With your finishing touches
Sustain me
Until we meet again…

Free Write Yesterday...

I’m angry
And with every moment that passes
I’m finding myself screaming out
In dismay
Hoping it reaches out
To the ear of the masses
All because of you
So no matter how hard you try
Using and abusing the smoothness
Of the limited vocabulary you possess
As soothing as you aim be
You can’t tame me
Trying to use your kisses to sedate me
And form a treaty with my counterparts
So it won’t look like a plot to rape me
Move on with your bs
The only success you will have tonight
Will be at what level can you exceed to fully
Irate me
No! Don’t you dare!
Don’t even attempt to wrap your arms around
This cold, stony heart of mine
This is not the time
I’m not the one
And this truly isn’t the place
So I advise you to get up out of my face
And go find yourself a new location to dwell
Because I need some space
Giving side eyes to the 6 o'clock news
Bewildered at the weatherman
Who is clouding my judgment
It's not his fault
For even he couldn't predict
That flood that unknowingly
Infiltrated the paradise
That was my heart
I wish I would have prepared
For this rainy day
Talk about a natural disaster
All because of you
So just leave my key
See yourself out the door
To you this is my only given grace
And before you leave
The next time
You attempt to lead a double life
While the next one devotes all of herself
To being the perfect wannabe “wife”
Try not to leave a trace.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspiration While At YLI :)

He was my Adonis

And I

His Athena

The work of art

That was his love

Was abstract


I likes that


All it took was

Just one look

Just one look

And my soul agreed

That he was the one

For me

I believed


Now was the time

To release all

Of my inhibitions


Post pone my insecurities

In an attempt to

Cordially invite him

To permanently reside

In my majesty

And change the game

That was me mentally

We're on the verge of newness in love

All the while

The Greeks have gone mad!


We just don't care

See it's like

You have me in this trance

It's possible

That what's developing between us

Isn't mere happenstance

Infinite conversation



And insatiable

Without ever being sexual

Though there times our paths crossed physical

We got it together and practiced self-control

Oh the ways we will grow

Loving this feeling of

Losing control

Tis true

The Greeks have gone mad!


We just don't care



My man

My friend

Strong man

With a newborn's smile

Unfabricated features


His rugged story

With a hint of




And prestige


That's just his style


I likes that


All that I ask

Is that he

Come and hang with me

For just a little while

Maybe even forever

Let the Greeks stay mad


This love

Is the life

This life broke the mold

What keeps us united

Is the lovely lyrical stronghold

So I'm gonna let him

Love me

right down

to the core

of my soul

While the Greeks go mad!

Just A Free Write 4-11-11


About a life

Less ordinary


Whatever I'm living

Doesn't seem to be

Hitting it right

Ya know?


I close my eyes

And see deep until

I begin to

Chase the clouds

And It is there

I dream

And soon

You appear.

It's really you


I recall your scent

So full and alive

Exciting every sensory

I possess

That lay dormant

In disguise.

I shy away

As I begin

To remember you

Let me be honest

With you

Avec moi

I never forgot

I hold on tight

To those memories


Your kiss

Upon my lovely bones

Bidding me that


That was never

Goodbye forever


Your disappearing act

Said it all.

I remember you

All of you

The effortless way

You bring along

Nothing more

Than a predictable

Element of surprise

Leaving me




And still

Wanting more...

Why do I even bother

Thinking about you

When the rolling stone

That was once my heart

Desperately creates these

Fabricated sweet dreams

To shield

The reality

of these

Sour times


You whirl back

Into my life

Like the wind

Then desert me

Dry and high

My mind intoxicated

By the inconsistency

Of your consistent lies

And then only way

To prove you are

The culprit

Is to trace my

Tear lines

Where you left me behind...

Why do I waste

My dreaming

On you?

Oh foolish girl

Snap back

Into reality.