Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Dressing pearls on little girls
Lacing their bodies with mother’s
hand me downs
Accenting them with your
"Tender love and care"
Will never turn them into women
Neither will taking their virginity
But she was your greatest victory
As you would rape her viciously
Then leave her for dead…on the inside
Soon her world was shaped
Through eyes that cry
Eyes that lie
Slight shivers as you walk by
She sees you for the beast that you are
To everyone else, you’re just Uncle Joe
Friend of the family but to her, a constant woe
The light of the sun was her only redemption
But when the day transcended
There was no mercy found in Moon’s glow
Just speckled lights of prayers unanswered
No Savior to save her tonight
No relief for her in sight
So again, she felt alone
The shame kept her silent
Along with your taunts and threats
This reality keeps her violent
And no matter how hard she tries
Drenching herself in Holy oil
Pleading to God with a desperate “why”
She could never release the stench of you
Even if she took her life
You who stepped right on in
When daddy wasn’t there
Devoured her whole
Then left her bare
A wolf in sheep's garments
Using her insecurities as your playground
Rocking her like a teeter totter
Volatile when she resisted
When you were gone, her body missed it
Her walls are always tallking
Can you hear it?
She is just a little girl
You are a shell of a man
Who knew this life all too well
In adolescence
You share in your victim’s despair
But one day
You made peace with this hell
This life is a norm like breathing air
And still a woman she will never be

BNM © 2012

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